Explore the CTR, 3D STUDIO!


Do you know where the ball joint is installed in the car?

What if a car breaks down ? And how should it be replaced? 

3D Studio is created to solve those questions.

Let's explore CTR products from product features to installation methods!



1. Main Chassis


Where are CTR parts mounted in the car?
In the chassis modeling on our first page, you can see where each part is installed.
Placing the mouse cursor over the part name or 3D model will highlight it in red.



Find CTR products by zooming in and rotating the 3D model!
Click the part name or 3D model to see detail page.




2. Detail of part

Have you figured out where the parts are installed?
Now let's explore the parts in detail. 

When entering the detail page, there are 4-5 menus depending on the product. 
Here, you can find detailed information about each part, including features of CTR products, installation videos, and performance tests.



Select the languages you prefer as below. 


EN = English

ES = Spanish

CN = Chinese

TH = Thai

RU = Russian

PL = Polish

VN = Vietnamese

DE = German



Like chassis modeling, part modeling can be rotated 360 degrees and zoomed in/out.
What will the inside look like?
Click "Section View" and "Exploded View" at the top.
You can see the inside of the product and its components in detail.


Have you seen all the Ball Joints? 
Click "Back to Chassis" to see the rest of the parts.


* Internet Explorer is not supporting CTR 3D Studio. Please use a different web browser. (like Chrome, Edge, Firefox etc..)

The 3D Studio app is available on Android. 
Click the download button at the top right in 3D Studio.
* It can be operated only on Android 8.0 or higher.


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