New Items - July

We have released total 38 car parts this month.


For Steering parts,

Outer Tie Rod(1 Item): 1 for Ford

Inner Tie Rod(5 Items): 1 for Chrysler, 4 for Toyota


For Suspension parts,

Stabilizer Link(2 Items) : 1 for GM, 1 for Toyota

Ball Joint(3 Items) : 1 for Chrysler, 1 for Toyota, 1 for Mitsubishi

Control Arm(19 Items) : 4 for Honda, 3 for Toyota, 5 for GM, 3 for Chrysler, 4 for Ford

Shock Absorbers(8 Items) : 5 for Kia, 3 for Hyundai


We,CTR, are global OE auto parts supplier, and also manufacture aftermarket parts based on know-how from OE technology.    

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