How was CTR at the AAPEX 2021?

Epilogue: AAPEX 2021CTR was back at Las Vegas after 2 years of waiting. Less traffic, but bigger excitement filled the air during the show. CTR Assemble! Our heroes assembled on the booth of AAPEX 2021, in a complete set: with other product lines such as shock absorbers, brake pads, and mo


New Items - November

We have released total 6 car parts this month. For Steering parts,   Tie Rod End(2 Items) :  2 for LadaInner Tie Rod(3 Items) :  3 for Toyota For Suspension parts,   Bushing(1 Items) :  1 for Toyota We,CTR, are global OE auto


New Items - October

 We have released total 43 car parts this month. For Suspension parts,   Ball Joint(5 Items) :  1 for Toyota, 1 for Benz, 3 for RenaultInner Tie Rod(2 Items) :  2 for BMW, 2 for Hyundai&KiaStabilizer Link(2 Items) :  1 for Mitsubishi, 1 for


[Exhibition] AAPEX 2021

  AAPEX 2021 NOVEMBER 2-4, 2021 Sands Expo & Caesars Forum, USABooth : A2466 >>Please Contact Us should you have any inquires or requests.>>More information on the exhibition can be found on AAPEX 2021


New Items - September

We have released total 25 car parts this month. For Suspension parts,   Stabilizer Link(1 Items) :  1 for ToyotaTop Strut Mounting(2 Items) :  1 for Hyundai, 1 for GM Korea For Engine parts,   Engine Mounting(22 Items) :  10 for H


New Items - August

We have released total 3 car parts this month. For Steering parts, Tie Rod End(2 Items) :  2 for Volvo For Suspension parts,  Ball Joint(2 Items) :  1 for Volkswagen We,CTR, are global OE auto parts supplier, and also manufacture aftermarket par



 Dear valued customer, In 2019, we at CTR announced to transform the product code system in order to better serve our customers with improved flexibility and efficiency in portfolio, production and logistics management. The original plan was to switch to new codes starting from Januar


New Items - July

We have released total 27 car parts this month. For Steering parts, Tie Rod End(4 Items) :  2 for Ford, 2  for HyundaiRack End(6 Items) :  2 for BMW, 1 for Ford, 2 for Volkswagen, 1 for Hyundai   For Suspension parts,  B


Explore the CTR, 3D STUDIO!

 Do you know where the ball joint is installed in the car? What if a car breaks down ? And how should it be replaced?  3D Studio is created to solve those questions. Let's explore CTR products from product features to installation methods!   1. Main Chas


New Items - June

We have released total 21 car parts this month. For Steering parts, Rack End(5 Items) :  3 for Toyota, 1 for Nissan, 1 for Mitsibishi   For Suspension parts,  Ball Joint(1 Items) :  1 for HyundaiControl Arm(6 Items) :  6 for ToyotaStab