CTR Hybrid Stabilizer Link offers superior durability and improved performance with new materials and manufacturing methods.


■ Eco-friendly Material
Light and high strength 6000 series aluminum alloy and glass fiber reinforced polymer are used. CTR's Hybrid Stabilizer Link weights up to 38% less than steel-type products, improving fuel efficiency with reduced carbon emissions. Its sealed design and steel-free materials prevent rust for longer usage. 


■ Verification of OE standard
CTR has been supplying hybrid type products to OE brands. The materials and assembly have passed rigorous tests of OE standard.


■ Optimal Performance
A special type of grease, injected by machine directly between ball stud and ball seat, makes the contacting surface glass-like; the Hybrid Stabilizer Link moves more smoothly and maintains high performance for long.


■ Hard & Soft Ball Stud
CTR reduces the surface roughness of the ball through the burnishing process, making the ball smooth. It also has high strength by applying carbon steel, heat treatment, and cold forging. 


■ Workability Design
CTR creates two planes on the ball stud flange to improve workability and prevents contamination by rust or foreign substances.