Our bodies are made up of a lot of joints. The joints help us move more dynamically and flexibly, and this movement relieves the impact. The ball joint is like the joint of a vehicle suspension. Connect between control arm and knuckle.
With the insertion of a ball joint, the vehicle suspension unit has a wide range of movements. The ball joint operates so that the suspension parts can move in various directions, not just in a certain direction. These movement disperses the impact on the car. 


■ Strong Surface Treatment
CTR has electro deposition coating comparable to the OE level to prevent rust from reducing durability.


■ Polymer Seat
CTR uses a polymer ball seat. Low friction damage and low variation in torque and clearance can keep performance long. 


■ Hard & Soft Ball Stud
CTR reduces the surface roughness of the ball through the burnishing process, making the ball smooth.
It also has high strength by applying carbon steel, heat treatment, and cold forging.