The Shock Absorber stabilizes the movement of the spring swaying by the impact. The spring continues to contract and expand as force is applied. It is necessary to limit the movement of the spring for the passenger's ride comfort.
The Shock Absorber regulates the movement of the spring through the resistance generated by passing oil through a small hole of the valve. 


■ Multi Disc Valve System
Damping force contol is produced by the speed, amount, and so on of passing oil through the valve. The performance and durability of the valve are important factors in the shock absorber performance.
Shock Absorber of CTR applies a multi disc valve for more fine control. 


■ Strong Surface Treatment
CTR has electro deposition coating comparable to the OE level to prevent rust from reducing durability.


■ Highly Reliable Parts

All parts for rubber and sealing are made of high quality parts that are also used in OE products to prevent leakage and have a long life.