The control arm assembles a ball joint and bushing on a high-strength body.
The ball joint part reacts flexibly by connecting with knuckles equipped with various suspension parts and wheel.
The rubber bushing securely fixes the vehicle body and the control arm and absorbs shock. 


■ Powerful Body
It has a strong control arm body that can support suspension parts through hot rolled solid steel sheet and lightweight aluminum alloy forged material. 


■ Strong Surface Treatment
CTR has electro deposition coating comparable to the OE level to prevent rust from reducing durability.

■ Polymer Seat

CTR uses a polymer ball seat. Low friction damage and low variation in torque and clearance can keep performance long.

■ Hard & Soft Ball Stud
CTR reduces the surface roughness of the ball through the burnishing process, making the ball smooth.
It also has high strength by applying carbon steel, heat treatment, and cold forging.