The stabilizer link connects the stabilizer bar with suspension parts such as shock-up absorbers or control arm. Helps to ensure support role and stability of vehicle movement when torsion occurs in the stabilizer bar.

■ Strong Surface Treatment
CTR has electro deposition coating comparable to the OE level to prevent rust from reducing durability. 


■ Polymer Seat
CTR uses a polymer ball seat. Low friction damage and low variation in torque and clearance can keep performance long. 

■ Hard & Soft Ball Stud
CTR reduces the surface roughness of the ball through the burnishing process, making the ball smooth.
It also has high strength by applying carbon steel, heat treatment, and cold forging. 


■ Special Grease
Coat the ball and ball seat with specially made grease to keep the torque stable and prevent rust. 


■ Workability Design
CTR creates two planes on the ball stud flange to improve workability and prevents contamination by rust or foreign substances.