Reliable Facility

The suspension and steering products produced by CTR have a ball joint structure. When a vehicle moves, various ball joints move thousands and tens of thousands of times without your knowledge.
CTR is constantly evolving by creating professional research & test facilities to create safe products with high performance and strong durability.



CTR Group has established and operated specialized research institutes in each field, led by its R&D headquarters. It has a total of six R&D center and has specialized programs such as CATIA, UG NX, DAFUL, and FORGE NxT. Established a specialized R&D center for aftermarket parts, and is developing new products accurately and efficiently through professional design programs such as CATIA and CADRA and 3D scanners. Through this, about 400 new products are developed annually.



CTR's test facility is an ISO / IEC 17025 certified and an internationally recognized testing organization based on international standards. By applying this know-how to the AM business, we have established a test room for AM only. We operate a reliable verification facility based on testing equipment and processes equivalent to OE. To make the best auto parts, CTR has a test machine that can perform various tests. Increases product reliability through various tests such as clearance, torque, push-in, pull-out and durability tests. 



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