Why should it be sealed?


For ball joint type links, it is very important to prevent contamination of the joint part. How about a ball joint without a rubber boot? Foreign substances such as sand and water will flow through the gap.
This leads to the following phenomena.


 - B/Stud corrosion is occurred

 - Strength of B/Seat will be weakened

 - Dropped torque with reduced lubricity

 - B/Seat abrasion

 - Lubricity reduced with pollution of grease


This is one of the causes of drastically reducing the durability of the ball joint.





 OE products require verification in a variety of environments.
For example, it is necessary to verify the durability and sealing of the boot in low/high temperature environments from -40 to 80 degrees. Alternatively, the sealing of the boot should be verified even under high pressure watering.

 CTR is a company specializing in suspension/steering parts. From design to verification of rubber boot is possible. We have both professional manpower and test equipment, and these resources are applied to both OE products and AM products.  



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