Sealing Strength


The ball joint is sealed with a rubber boot and socket surrounding the ball stud and ball seat.

The sealed structure also prevents the ingress of foreign substances, but it also affects the performance of the ball joint.
sealing, the pressure applied to the internal parts affects the performance of the ball joint, such as torque and clearance.



In addition, the strength of the sealed part is a very important factor in the durability of the ball joint.

Suspension parts receive a lot of load while driving. If the seal is destroyed because it cannot withstand the load, a serious accident may occur.




There are various methods of sealing.
There are products made entirely of plastic, and there is also a method of pressing a steel socket.
them is "caulking", which compresses a steel socket with a rotating roller.


As mentioned earlier, the strength of the caulking is directly related to the durability of the product.
To prevent damage to the caulking area, CTR developed a ball joint that can withstand high pressure through design optimization.


The photo is a test called "Push out test". This test measures the strength of the caulking part by applying force to the product.

The table shows the push-out specifications of OE products and actual test data of CTR products.
As a result of testing, it has about twice the strength required by the OE brand
It can be seen that even if there is some damage or rust in the caulking part, it is not easily broken because it has very high strength.


CTR has been an OE Supplier for many years.
We are making safer and higher-performance products with data and know-how accumulated over a long period of time.

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