Why use Nylon nut?


Autopart manufacturers make efforts to develop technologies to mitigate the vibration caused by the surface of the roads. As most of the car parts are bolted, nuts must not get loosened by constant vibration, which otherwise would disturb comfort driving and possibly endanger the driver’s safety. That’s why we adopted nylon nuts like many genuine parts do. 




The nylon material inserted effectively increases the grip between the nut and bolt due to the friction it creates. The nuts and bolts will be more tightly adherent to each other; thus the assembly will last longer and endure the exposure to vibration.
Some car parts come with castle nuts that need cotter pins. These pins may get broken or corroded when the nuts continue to vibrate.



Nylon inserted between nut and bolt threads removes the gap. This prevents the inflow of foreign substances.
The use of cotter pins can cause foreign substances to enter the gap. It can be caused by damage, and small damage can return to larger damage over time. (e.g., weakness caused by rust in scratches)
Nylon nuts can have better durability by withholding these risks.  



Nylon nuts have the advantage of user friendliness. Simple 3 step installation: Place-Turn-Check. 

 1) Place the nut,
 2) Turn it clockwise until it is securely threaded and no longer turns, and 
 3) Check the nylon insert is intact after installation. 

Nylon nuts are self-locking and do not require extra steps to apply other components such as cotter pins to get locked.

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