[Exhibition] Automechanika Dubai 2023

Automechanika Dubai 2023Hall 2 - F222-4 October 2023Dubai World Trade Centre     


[Exhibition] Thailand Auto Parts & Accessories(TAPA) 2023

Thailand Auto Parts & Accessories(TAPA) 2023Booth # : J38/J40/K37/K39Trade Day : 5-7 April 2023Public Day : 8 April 2023Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Center (BITEC)  


New Items - October

 We have released total 62 car parts this month.   For Steering parts, Inner Tie Rod(6 Items) : 1 for Toyota, 1 for Kia, 1 for Hyundai, 1 for Mazda, 1 for Mitsubishi, 1 for Nissan Tie Rod End(3 Items) : 2 for Toyota, 1 for Nissan    For


New Items - September

We have released total 22 car parts this month. For Steering parts,Inner Tie Rod(2 Items) : 1 for Mitsubishi, 1 for Toyota   For Suspension parts,Stabilizer Link(4 Item) ​: 4 for HondaBall Joint(3 Items) ​: 1 for Honda, 2 for Volkswagen&nbs


[Exhibition] Automechanika Frankfurk 2022

Automechanika Frankfurk 2022Hall 3.1 G622022.09.13~09.17  


New Items - August

We have released total 19 car parts this month. For Steering parts,Outer Tie Rod(2 Items): 2 for VolkswagenInner Tie Rod(5 Items): 1 for Toyota, 1 for Nissan, 2 for Volkswagen, 1 for GM For Suspension parts,Stabilizer Link(1 Item) ​: 1 for ToyotaBall Joint(3 Items) ​


Social Contributions: The First “Our Happy and Safe Playground” Opened

What do you think is the biggest difference between the playgrounds in our childhood and the current playgrounds?The answer is sand.Looking back on our childhood memory, we had sand with which we could play making toad houses, roads, etc. One of the happiness was splashing in a puddle after rain at


New Items - July

We have released total 38 car parts this month. For Steering parts,Outer Tie Rod(1 Item): 1 for FordInner Tie Rod(5 Items): 1 for Chrysler, 4 for Toyota For Suspension parts,Stabilizer Link(2 Items) ​: 1 for GM, 1 for ToyotaBall Joint(3 Items) ​: 1 for Chrysler, 1 for T


New Items - June

We have released total 50 car parts this month. For Steering parts,Outer Tie Rod(2 Items): 2 for Volkswagen Inner Tie Rod(2 Items): 1 for Mercedes Benz, 1 for Chrysler  For Suspension parts,Ball Joint(2 Items) ​: 2 for VolkswagenShock Absorber(6 Items) ​:


New Items - May

We have released total 24 car parts this month. For Steering parts,Inner Tie Rod(6 Items): 6 for Toyota For Suspension parts,Stabilizer Link(7 Items)​ :  1 for Volkswagen, 1 for Ford, 3 for BMW, 2 for HyundaiBall Joint(1 Item) ​: 1 for Ford Other parts:Bushing(1 It